Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's Alive (and keeps pretty good time!)

Ubuntu desktop now configured to print out the "minute hand". As long as the printer doesn't run out of paper and the printer queue doesn't back up we're good to go! Configuring of the second desktop will be done this week (of course I could have used just one desktop -- but over engineering is much more fun!).

Only 5 days now until Maker Faire and much still to do. I have the final design for the hero paper guides and time booked on the laser cutter this afternoon. The Arduino Motor Shield is now built and running smoothly (solid soldering foo in action!). The rest of the T-channel hardware is sitting in a pile in the garage and just needs cutting and assembly. The last shredder is on its way from Amazon as is the black drape. Gonna be a race against time!

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